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Mar. 17th, 2009


Hey Ladies!!

Hey Ladies,

My name is Ashley & I help around on www.clothbank. net. It's a really interesting site that allows you to 'deposit' (so to speak) your unwanted mama cloth into a "bank" and buy & sell using "shares".  It' s not a real bank, and there is no real money involved. You post your new or used unwanted cloth on the site, and hang onto it til someone decides they want it, then they send you 'shares' for it, you go to the real life PO and mail it to them. Then with the shares you've earned, you can purchase new cloth from the 'bank'. We'd like to get more members signed up (I It's totally free!! No real $$ on that site!!) so the more that sign up and start using it, the more of a cloth selection there'll be!! :)

Also, this site was founded by the nicest, most helpful lady (Laura) Please just check the site out....I'm sure it'll be something you ladies will be interested in!!!!



Apr. 7th, 2008


CLOTHPADPARADE has moved to wordpress!


All my other blogs are there, so it'll be easier for me to manage.

We won't be updating this community anymore.
If you are an individual who has commented on this site, your comments will automatically be transferred onto the new site.  Please use the above new address from now on.

Thank you :)

- clothpadmum

Apr. 6th, 2008


Tips and Tricks to Making and Using Cloth Pads

Add here for any useful tips and tricks that you would like to share from your experience in cloth pad making and using.


Cloth Pad Patterns Directory - add yours here!

We all know that every little helping hand makes a big difference.  So let's encourage the use of cloth pads world wide and help direct people to create their own by providing links to free and non-free cloth pad patterns here.  Sellers: start listing your patterns here!


Cloth Pad Sellers Directory - Post here to add your favourite cloth pad seller(s)

Get in the spirit of encouraging the use of cloth pads to minimise waste.  Start listing your favourite cloth pad seller(s) here.  Sellers: start adding your business here! 

Apr. 5th, 2008


Parade your HOMEMADE pads!

Add to this topic if you have pads that you have made and wish to share with the world...let us know which pattern you used to create your wonderful creation.


Show us your latest pad purchase or your entire pad stash here!

Post here if you want to make us all green with envy!  LOL.  You are most welcome to show off your latest pad purchase and/or all or part of your cloth pad stash  - pads you've bought or even pads that you've made up yourself.  Don't forget to mention where you've bought those gorgeous pads from.





Hi ladies,

I have just created this special community called ~ The Cloth Pad Parade ~ so you can all show off your beautiful pad creations to the world as well as making new friends along the way.  Enjoy :)
Start parading those special pads of yours today!

Please keep this community super friendly.

Thank you.